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The Basic HDSLR Editing video is now available  for those who have purchased the Beyond Stills e-Book  or have attended  one of the Lo (cal) Motion Workshops or Beyond Stills workshops at Calumet Photographic in NYC.  The tutorial walks you through the creation  of a project from import to export, and viewing the finished production.  While I use several video editing programs, I chose Corel’s Video Studio Pro X3 software for this tutorial.  Keep in mind that the brand of software used for the tutorial is less important than the concepts outlined, as virtually all video editing software works by dragging and dropping selections on to a timeline or on a storyboard.    One of the reasons that  I chose to use the Corel software for the tutorial was that the built-in music and sound library  made the addition of these elements to the “video making” demonstration process seamless. 

Here is a little teaser:

Please note that the  Premium Content is password protected. If you purchased the book through ibooks, please ocontact me at info@theimagician for your password.

If you want to check-out the book, click on the e-Book tab above.

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